About America Resists

On January 16, 2013, President Barack Obama issued 23 executive actions against your 2nd amendment Constitutional right to bear arms. He did this without the consent of Congress which in itself, violates the foundation of the Constitution and the co-equal branches of government. Then just a few weeks later Senator Dianne Feinstein began pushing an extremely intrusive gun ban bill geared “so that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited and for other purposes”. In response to these unconstitutional actions by the President and members of Congress, The American people resist infringements on American Citizens personal liberties. We will protect the right that protects ALL of our rights, the 2nd Amendment!


Volunteer Staff

Tiffiny Ruegner- Chief Strategist
Nancy Ruegner- Volunteer Director
Char Tanner- Media Assistant
David Osgood- Website Director
Shawn Allen- SOLR Coordinator
Christina Marotti- Spokesperson