The Tide Pod Challenge and Gun Rights

Most liberals seem to believe that firearms should be illegal because an irresponsible minority misuses them. Looks like detergent needs to be illegal too: In this latest social media fad,

Celebrate MLK Day by Completing White Supremacist Checklist

The old holidays brought us together, and evoked feelings of good will (Christmas), joy (Easter), gratitude (Thanksgiving), and patriotism (Fourth of July). Liberal establishmentarians downgrade, render vacuous, ignore, and/or relentlessly

Academics Proclaim Numbers, Math, and Statistics to Be Racist, Propose Alternative

Three British professors bark that numbers “serve white racial interests” and are therefore bad: Led by David Gillborn, a professor at the University of Birmingham, the professors argue that math

Pink Pussy Hats Denounced as Politically Incorrect

You might think nothing could be more politically correct than the pink pussy hats associated with Women’s Marches, which promote all things moonbatty in the name of feminism. Yet not