Nevada Teachers’ Unions: Divide and Conquer

It’s that time again, where the Nevada Democrats in the Assembly slavishly demonstrate their capacity for boot-licking by adhering to whatever nonsense the Nevada State Education Association wants.  The latest feature of the NSEA’s war on Nevada families is a margins tax, but the tax is notable for who it exempts: the gaming industry is […]

Hot One Podcast: Shaun Casey, Barack Obama, and Religious Hatred

Alien and Sedition Media’s Hot One Podcast for August 12, 2013 examines the recent appointment of Wesley Theological Seminary professor Shaun Casey to head the State Department’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and his statements in 2012 in which he declared that he was glad American civil religion was dying.  Casey also blamed religion for slavery, […]

IRS Scandal Expands to FEC; IRS official at center of scandal receives promotion

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) expanded his investigation into the IRS targeting scandal by demanding the FEC turn over five years of communications with the IRS to his committee. Issa took the step after FEC vice chairman Don McGahn told CNN he’d seen an email from FEC attorney William Powers of the FEC’s […]

The Constitution is Toilet Paper: Civil Asset Forfeiture Edition!

Yes,the Constitution is toilet paper, and you have only to look at the way government behaves to understand why this is the case.  Today’s edition highlights a growing practice of state and local governments, civil asset forfeiture.  Civil asset forfeiture enables the government to seize your property without charging or convicting you of any crime. […]

The N.S.A. hates the Constitution, the Media Hates Actual Reporting

The New York Times is doing some actual reporting of late, and its wordsmiths are striving mightily to construct sentences that are in dire need of an editor’s tender attentions:  “Timothy Edgar, a former intelligence official in the Bush and Obama administrations, said that the rule concerning collection “about” a person targeted for surveillance rather […]

#SCStorm Day 3: Spartanburg

The trend towards libertarianism reflects a growing disaffection with values in our society; specifically, the fact that the older generation, while professing values conducive to ordered society, failed to implement those values in a way that prevented the defining crises of our age: endless war in the Middle East without clear objectives, the banking crisis, […]

JP Morgan: Crime Pays

In one of those rare moments when the Huffington Post takes a break from reporting Justin Bieber’s antics, or the length of Selena Gomez’s shorts, HuffPo managed to report some actual news.  Well, it didn’t really report the news, because HuffPo doesn’t actually do reporting. HuffPo hires armies of individuals to read the news reported by […]