California Looks To Make Cremations Climate Friendly Or Something

Now, there is nothing wrong with allowing cremation using other methods, ones which have been restricted for really no good reason. There is also nothing wrong with using a method

Illegal Alien DROWNS Her Two Sons Over Worries Of Deportation

In another horrific killing, a Delaware mother has been taken into custody for drowning murders of her infant son and his older brother. Kula Pelima is the 30 mother that

Putin Can’t Stop Laughing When Mistakenly Asked To Export PORK To Muslim Country [VIDEO]

Can it be said that Russian president Vladimir Putin actually has a sense of humor? I mean, between all that oligarchy-ness and the assassinations of Russian journalists as well as

IT’S FINAL: NFL Approves Anthem Protests – Donald Trump Is NOT Happy

Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest has continued now for over a year, with more and more players participating. But as the protests continued, ratings have steadily dropped as Americans grew

BREAKING FBI ALERT: Hang Up If You Get Call from Woman Screaming for Help

There are a lot of ways that people attempt to scam the innocent. They send e-mails disguised to look like they’re coming from your bank; they set up card skimmers

GOT HER! Maxine Waters Caught Taking What’s NOT Hers

Corrupt Maxine Waters has been caught with her hand in the Congressional till again. Long known as one of the most corrupt members of Congress, this time, she outdid herself.

Western Washington Snowflakes Admit They’re Horrible People

The Daily Beast’s Robby Sauve brings us this story of pure Special Snowflake Syndrome, where the inmates are demanding to run the asylum The College That Wants to Ban ‘History’

Nevada Teachers’ Unions: Divide and Conquer

It’s that time again, where the Nevada Democrats in the Assembly slavishly demonstrate their capacity for boot-licking by adhering to whatever nonsense the Nevada State Education Association wants.  The latest feature of the NSEA’s war on Nevada families is a margins tax, but the tax is notable for who it exempts: the gaming industry is […]