It’s Finally Happening: Sarah Palin Files Suit Against New York Times

This was definitely a long time coming. Sarah Palin is suing New York Times for accusing her of prompting psychopath Jarod Loughner to attack Gabby Giffords. The theory been debunked,

Western Washington Snowflakes Admit They’re Horrible People

The Daily Beast’s Robby Sauve brings us this story of pure Special Snowflake Syndrome, where the inmates are demanding to run the asylum The College That Wants to Ban ‘History’

Nevada Teachers’ Unions: Divide and Conquer

It’s that time again, where the Nevada Democrats in the Assembly slavishly demonstrate their capacity for boot-licking by adhering to whatever nonsense the Nevada State Education Association wants.  The latest feature of the NSEA’s war on Nevada families is a margins tax, but the tax is notable for who it exempts: the gaming industry is […]