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JP Morgan: Crime Pays

In one of those rare moments when the Huffington Post takes a break from reporting Justin Bieber’s antics, or the length of Selena Gomez’s shorts, HuffPo managed to report some actual news.  Well, it didn’t really report the news, because HuffPo doesn’t actually do reporting. HuffPo hires armies of individuals to read the news reported by […]

Obama’s BIG Scandals Revealed!

Join America Resists to fight against your BIG BROTHER! Share your favorite Obama scandals!   Email us the Obama Scandals to add to our list: Benghazi: Americans being sold a fictitious story instead of the truth [HERE] IRS Singling Out and Intimidating Conservative Organizations [HERE] Justice Department spying on Associated Press reporters [HERE] Health & […]

Obama Plays Leading Role of Big Brother

                                        Walker, Jindal in letter to Obama call IRS scandal ‘Big Brother come to life’ By M.D. Kittle  /                  May 14, 2013  By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter MADISON – As he prepared for his meeting Tuesday morning with the peaceful Dalai Lama in Madison, Gov. Scott Walker packed a rhetorical punch in a letter […]

America Resists is almost there. is live, but not quite complete. There will be multiple authors or contributors to share as much information with as many people as possible to get things going. To help insure that you stay up-to-date with the movement, use the large form at the bottom of the home page, for this website, use the […]