Major Airline Takes a Dig at President Obama: “Take a presidenti​al selfie…”

The past few days, pictures of Obama’s “Selfie” have been flying all over the internet and the media.

Huffington Post reported: Roberto Schmidt, a photojournalist for Agence France-Presse, caught Obama goofing around with British prime minister David Cameron and Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the memorial for Nelson Mandela. The moment landed on front pages around the world, with many titles criticizing the leaders for making such a display at a serious event.

The writer for HuffPo, Jack Mirkensen, goes on about the photographer “Schmidt, though, said that everyone was getting the moment all wrong“. Below is the infamous shot flying around the internet.


If folks were getting the “moment wrong”, nobody told them. On my social media sites there were people from all walks of life who disapproved of Obama’s decorum. And you can say, “well, they are all just Obama haters”. But this morning I received this email from a major airline:

Spirit Airlines Selfie

When major corporations like Spirit Airlines believe that they would profit more from making fun of the President over what the repercussions may be, you know we are a nation in serious trouble. Comedians have made fun of Presidents since time began but in my lifetime, though short it may be, I have never heard of a President so relaxed in his image to become the class clown or butt of jokes for a national marketing scheme. I was not a fan of Spirit before this email (I just could not get off their email list), but I am going to be more supportive of them now than ever. I think their marketing ploy worked and that’s just sad.

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