Silent frustration; can the positive feeling of self-reliance be shared?

The “Silent Majority” is frustrated, therefore, we have suffered silent frustration, right?

Tea Parties were born, then people shared what we knew and yet frustratingly nothing has happened. There have been protests, signs, banners, even hanging from overpasses, seemingly to no avail. Even after an election,  where we sent in a moderate “nice guy” and lost, all that has happened is that more frustrated people have been even further frustrated, nothing has changed.

We speak our frustrations to each other at every Tea Party or conservative meeting. We wallow in our negative self-pity, and feel that no one is listening. Why us? Why has no one understood? We have told each other of all the right things we do, and all the wrong things they do.

Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, the national debt, Obamacare, scandal after scandal, yet nothing wakes the other side up. We talk of our faith, of being self-reliant, responsibility, many pray before each meeting, we talk about the evil of same-sex marriage, or abortion but who are we telling? Each other?

What message are we sharing with the world? Are we just preaching condemnation? Are we just whiners? Maybe If we do what the democrats did, we will get the results they did? Is that what we want? To lie, cheat, steal, cover-up, promise cradle-to-grave freebies?

No, but the use of technology, and emotion, getting out the word, even though a lie, they got it out. The left has even convinced some of us that those on the right are so wrong, there is the need for a third, “Libertarian” party where anything goes, they are using our freedom, and Constitution, against us. That nice warm “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” feeling can only divide us further. Some have forgotten we are a country of laws, without which we cannot function, and in swoops another dictator! This division by “feeling” makes it two against one, not good odds.

Yes, the conservatives are slowly putting technology to work, but something is slowing down the process. Democrats got others involved, their message, though a lie, sounded good, gave hope, and a dream, a goal. All of this motivated and encouraged them to keep working and sharing this “fairness” message, and feeling with everyone, it was like a virus, infecting everyone they talked to.

We get out the word too, but in numbers and facts. Stand up on your own, sink or swim just is not encouraging. When we share the principles that will bring results, it all gets muddled up, but why? Numbers and facts have no emotion, no feeling, no “what’s in it for me” squishiness. The only message we get out with any emotion is that of negativity, everything is bad, broken, won’t work, dishonest, or worse. These emotions directly attack the people whose emotions made those things happen.

We must stop delivering a negative message, we must share proven ideas that work, not just plain facts and numbers, but feeling, just like the frustration we feel now. Many of the young people who voted for Obama, have turned, since they have felt, first hand the feeling of Obamacare’s failure. It has taken feeling, emotion, not just facts.

We need to harness the emotions of the people who vote, to have them help by getting others to vote. Everyone has seen the facts, whether they believe it or not, they have heard the truth for a long time, maybe it just didn’t fit in with the teacher or professor’s views, or their desire to protect their tenure or pension, but everyone heard it. What we need is a leader, one who can use emotion to make these facts relevant in the minds of those previously lied to.

Again, we need a LEADER, not some sort of “meet them in the middle” moderate, here in Texas we call things in the middle of the street, roadkill. Either lead, follow, or get the hell out-of-the-way! The feeling of confidence in one’s self, our country, and our way of life is vital, that is why they attack it!

Who is this leader?


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