Unarmed: Single Mother Mugged at Christmastime

As the economy continues on a downward spiral you will see more desperate people doing desperate things. Black Friday may possibly be one of the ugliest days of the year when the pressure of the holidays vs bad economic standings comes pressing down. Reports of shoplifting, retail assaults, shootings, bomb scares, and arrests became entertainment for social media from viral videos to trending Twitter hashtags like #WalmartFights. I became a victim of the economic frenzy unwittingly. As a friend and I were leaving Christmas Faire that Friday evening we were mugged at knifepoint.

Campaigners Call For Tougher Knife LawsLuckily we both reacted calmly and made sure the guy understood we were absolute paupers. We were able to retain our cellphones and wallets after some discussion. But he did take our cash, some of which he gave back because I told him I was a single mom and he couldn’t rob me at Christmastime. I realized the next day just how fortunate I was. This guy was so desperate that he robbed us in a small dark parking lot right behind the police station. Since the economic situation doesn’t seem to be improving, people are getting more desperate and less choosy on their victims and locations. I knew I needed to take some immediate steps to protect myself and my family.  Listen up:

 First, it is our natural right (a right that government should uphold) to be able to protect ourselves. The Second Amendment states: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (infringed means to be limited in any way). The ability to self protect against any person or entity who wishes to violate my personal freedom is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility. I have been a poor steward of my freedom because I have not taken the 2nd Amendment personally. Sure I have done more than most through my activism and by attending two 4-day firearms courses in Nevada. But being a resident of California, I still don’t have my own firearm or my license to conceal and carry a weapon. Here is the immediate plan I made to make sure I am picking up my banner of freedom and protecting it:


I stopped feeling guilty for wanting to protect myself. I was a 1-minute walk from the police station and the police did not save me. They couldn’t since I knew that any wrong move could cause the assailant to stab my friend just from the look in his eyes. If you live in a state where they make you feel ashamed for saying the word “gun” like I do, stop feeling guilty. Educate those people rather than cowering into a corner and pushing away your instinct to self protect.


I assessed what I actually had available to protect myself in case a similar situation were to arise. I had pepper spray sitting in the glove compartment in my car that I put in my purse to have on me at all times. I also, put a multitool in my purse in case I would have any need of it. It includes a small knife… not much but it is something. I also took some meditative time thinking about other possible scenarios I should be prepared for. Also, make the decision in your mind what your personal line is for self-protection. Would you protect yourself at all cost? Would you protect your child at all cost? Where is that line for you. Make that decision now so you know how to proceed.


Arm yourself. It is natural to arm yourself and your civil right to do so. 150 years ago nearly every adult had a firearm and most people including children had access to one. They were threatened by bears and mountain lions. There is little difference between those animals and a human animal who is armed against you with declining morals. An armed human may be more dangerous. Depending on your state, you could probably walk out of a gun shop with a gun and carry it on your hip. Those states or counties are fewer each year so contact your local Sheriff to find out the current infringing law on firearms. I have also found www.opencarry.com to be a very helpful site. It is a great map to show you the best places to move especially if you live in California like I do.


Get training. In most states a CCW or concealed carry weapons permit requires training. My county requires 16 hours. I have done over 60 hours of firearms training and still feel like a pup with a gun. My first 16 hours I was still pretty nervous. Now I know how to load, unload, how to know at ALL times the condition of my gun, fix ANY malfunctions and how to hit a target from a decent distance within a 6 inch accuracy under immense pressure. But even with that training, I know I need more. You can never be good enough and trained enough when it comes to the safety of your life or your family.


Be confident, be smart and be aware of your surroundings. We were mugged because even though I scanned the parking lot (like I always do), I was too relaxed and didn’t pay attention to what the driver was doing. Typically when I get in the car I lock the door, start the car and back out. If I need to look at my phone or a map I do that after I pull out of the spot. That way my car is a safe moveable weapon rather than an enclosed hunk of metal prison. I realized not everyone follows these procedures when the driver’s side door opened and in stepped a man with a knife. My friend had been sitting there messing with the heater when the assailant entered the car. I was not aware that she had not locked the door nor had she started the car. I took a vacation from awareness that could have cost us our lives. Know your surroundings at all times EVEN if you are not the one in charge. At any time you must be ready to take charge. If a person is not taking proper safety steps be confident enough to tell them to, you can save lives that way.


Be persistent and consistent. The CCW process for my county is time-consuming and a great deterrent to people wanting to protect themselves. Treat it like a job since your life may depend on it. If the process is hard, just remember that by taking up your responsibility of the Second Amendment you are protecting freedom and resisting the cultural bias to be vulnerable. Additionally, just by owning a gun you are fighting crime because the more good people with guns in your neighborhood, the less emboldened bad people with guns will be because you will longer be their target since the target of vulnerability will not be on you anymore.

 Share this with people you care about. Even if you think they are prepared, there’s a chance they really aren’t. Because of my work to protect the Second Amendment on a national level most people were surprised to find out I was not carrying a sidearm when I got mugged. This information may save the life of someone dear to you.

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